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New MPA VasoBurn

Vasoburn may induce a sunburn/burning sensation on application areas. Vasoburn may also turn skin temporarily red like sunburn.
Do you like your lower back fat?
How about lower abdominal fat, thigh fat and stubborn chest fat?

Why is that lower back (kidney area) fat so hard to peel off even when diet and exercise is
maximized? The same thing could be said for the lower abdominal region, outer portion of
the chest, not to mention, the hips and thighs.

You workout rigorously with weights 4-5 days a week. You perform cardiovascular training
every day. You eat a low calorie diet ensuring you are in a caloric deficit. Yet certain areas
of your body will not release body fat regardless of diet and exercise.

Why is this such a common scenario?
A few reasons why people will drop body fat from certain areas quickly and will fail to drop
body fat from stubborn areas are:
- Natural defense mechanism to preserve body fat when calories dip too low
- High alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in stubborn fatty areas
- Poor blood flow in stubborn fatty areas
- Lack of PDE (phosphodiesterase) inhibition

The Dieter's Worst Nightmare
When striving to achieve low body fat levels you must make sure your nutrition and training
regimen is 100% consistent. As you come to that inevitable fat-loss plateau, you must
make a decision -- INCREASE activity level or DECREASE food consumption or BOTH.
Unfortunately -- even after exhausting further caloric restriction and increasing energy
expenditure --stubborn fat still remains. Only now you just catabolized ¾ inch from your
biceps and also lost 1 inch on your quadriceps. These reduced measurements are a result of
muscle loss, your worst nightmare. So how can you initiate fat-loss in such stubborn areas
while preventing muscle loss?

Introducing MPA VasoBurn
Torch the Fat -- Save the Muscle with MPA VasoBurn
After months of consistent fat-loss based nutrition, and intense weight training, you have
made awesome improvements in muscle definition. You feel "pretty good" about your
progress. However, you still have that pesky film of fat that resides in the corners of your
lower back region and very bottom of your abdominals blurring that would-be 6-pack.
This is the stage where MPA VasoBurn comes to save your muscles and your sanity.

MPA VasoBurn will resolve this common dilemma by--
-- Infusing Alpha-2 enriched areas with Yohimbine HCL -- which antagonizes (blocks) A2
adrenergic receptors so the receptors can release norepinephrine (NE) and cause
-- Increase blood flow to fatty areas with Tetrahydropiperine (CosmoPerine) ,
Gingerols, Capsaicin, Raspberry Ketones Cinnamaldehyde.
-- Inhibit phosphodiesterase (PDE 4,7,8) with Theophylline ? which conserves cAMP ?
which phosphorylates HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase) ? causing fatty acid oxidation. This
means you have free fatty acids in the blood stream ready to be used as energy.
For simplicity sake --- all of the above means one thing --- MPA VasoBurn will be
the 'plateau breaker' when striving to get that last bit of stubborn body fat off.
-The powerful ingredients in MPA VasoBurn will help
release stubborn fat into the bloodstream to be used as energy.

MPA VasoBurn is Enhanced with Tetrahydropiperine --THP

I rather not bore you with a typical breakdown of all these wonderful ingredients since that
information can be easily searched for online.

However -- I will make notable mention of one very special ingredient called
Tetrahydropiperine (THP). THP is a parent compound to 'piperine' and is used as a
transdermal bioavailability enhancer . THP increases the absorption and bioavailability of
nutrients through the dermal and epidermal barrier of the skin.

If you are familiar with 'piperine' (black pepper), it has been used as an oral nutrient
absorption enhancer in numerous human and animal studies. Its parent alkaloid 'THP' has
a lower melting point (41-42°C), which is more appropriate for topical application, thus
making it the perfect fit for MPA VasoBurn.

Why Choose MPA VasoBurn over Similar Topical Fat-Loss Products?
I will go ahead and layout the most common complaints and misconceptions
regarding topical fat-loss products --
-- Topical fat-loss products are messy and inconvenient
-- Topical fat-loss products are uncomfortable and bothersome
-- Topical fat-loss products are ineffective and not proven
-- Topical fat-loss products do not smell pleasant
-- Topical fat-loss products do not work for extremely overweight people

I will be the first to admit that I have personally used various topical fat-loss formulas
and experienced some of the complaints above. However -- MPA VasoBurn was precisely
designed to rectify the common complaints and misconceptions outlined above.
MPA VasoBurn has been designed into a smooth, clean, thin, and fast-drying gel -- not a
messy lotion.

The gel dries so fast that you will not have any sticky or tacky residue like similar products.
As for concerns of topical fat-loss products being a hoax (according to a multitude of
research papers) ,topical theophylline and yohimbine is proven to reduce waist thigh
circumference. The results from these tests were without exercise modifications, so you can
imagine what a consistent cardio weight training regimen would do for magnifying results.

Most topical fat-loss products smell bad and can be offensive to others due to their alcohol
or DMSO based carriers. MPA VasoBurn has a refreshing cinnamon spice aroma from the
ingredient cinnamaldehyde.

The final misconception is -- topical fat-loss products ONLY work for people who are
already in low-digit body fat ranges that simply need to lose that last little bit of stubborn
fat. Not true -- the results will not be as apparent as the leaner individuals, but fatty acid
oxidation is still being activated. I personally would not recommend this type of product for
people who are over 15-20% body fat. They have a lot more room for results from diet and
exercise alone.

The Coolest Topical Carrier Available
This gel is clean, thin, smooth, and virtually undetectable. When you apply MPA VasoBurn
it dries within minutes, leaving no powdery or oily residue, which is a major turn off to

In fact, your skin stays so fresh and so clean that you can still apply Sun-Block or any other
cosmetic creams of your choice. What's even cooler, is that sunlight enhances the biological
response of the carrier. So applying MPA VasoBurn before hitting the beach can increase the
thermogenic effects.

Application for MPA VasoBurn
The best places to apply MPA VasoBurn is Alpha-2 receptor enriched areas --- abdominals,
glutes, inner thighs, chest, and of course … the lower back (love handle area).
Apply MPA VasoBurn after showering -- washing away dead skin cells from the body --
ensuring maximum absorption.

A finely trimmed or shaved body will also enhance the absorption of ingredients
by negating the occurrence of body hair blocking ingredient uptake through the

'My abs are on fire.....LITERALLY'
After applying an application of MPA VasoBurn you will notice a refreshing flush of heat
overwhelm the area of application. Nothing crazy or uncomfortable (like similar products),
but you will know it's there.

In fact -- I personally get a nice cosmetic effect of vasodilation over my abdomen -- causing
veins to surface to the skin. This lasts about 5 minutes and is very cool to see "ab veins"
in full effect. Note -- you will need to be in single digit body fat percentage for this to take

MPA VasoBurn will also 'sneak up' on you during physical exertion where you are generating
heat and sweating. A gentle heat wave will rush over the stubborn fatty areas and give you
a nice reminder that blood flow is taking place where you need it --- vasoconstricted fatty

Just to give you an example of the importance of signaling blood flow in fat enriched areas
-- perform cardio intensely for 30 minutes, work up a sweat, walk outside and put your
hands across your lower back. You just sweated like a madman during cardio but your lower
back is COLD?

I think you are getting the picture now -- fatty areas of the body have awful circulation and
you need MPA VasoBurn to heat things up.

Knowing that MPA VasoBurn has the best attributes of any current topical fat-loss
product available will make it a 'no-brainer' when choosing this body fat eraser for
your next cutting phase or contest prep.

-Matt Porter
Product Creator Nutrition Coach


Water (Aqua/Eau), Ethyl Alcohol (organic), Dimethyl Isosorbide, Ethoxydiglycol, 3-Aminopropanoic Acid, Yohimbine Hydrochloride, Triethanolamine, Theophylline, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Carbomer, Raspberry Ketone, Benzyl Nicotinate, Trans-Cinnamaldehyde Oil, Tetrahydropiperine*, N-Vanillylnonanmide.

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