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Pharmgrade - Candy Watermelon



Product Information

This is a high-potency Amino Acid formula. To be more precise -- it is an Essential Amino Acid formula with a little something extra to make it that much more effective and sought after. I added an exciting new ingredient that has been recently studied to ignite muscle growth via-->mTOR activation.

Phosphatidic Acid, or Mediator® is a naturally occurring phospholipid that is vital in the functioning of cell-membranes and initiating cell signaling -- namely mTOR and the proliferation of muscle cells. There has been several published research papers demonstrating Phosphatidic Acid to stimulate mTOR signaling pathways --- which basically means this ingredient will initiate muscle protein synthesis and spark potential muscle growth, and strength gains.

One study showed subjects taking 750 mg of Phosphatidic Acid per day combined with resistance-training 4x a week achieved 50% greater increase in muscle cross-sectional area and lean body mass. A 40% greater increase in total strength (upper and lower body), and 60% greater loss in body fat than the training-only group.

To wrap up the awesomeness of Phosphatidic Acid, I will just say that this is one of the very few cutting-edge ingredients that sparked my interest, and made me curious enough to dig into the research. I can confidently say that this added ingredient will make my Essential Amino Acid formula truly one-of-a-kind.